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Remote access is changing July 1st

The web address for this site is changing to https://entry.sutterhealth.org.
Please bookmark this new address to continue remotely logging into the ABSMC Portal.

Both http://remote.absmc.net and http://bless.absmc.net will be disabled July 1, 2014.
You may also continue to use https://access.sutterhealth.org which provides more applications and network resources.

Additional instructions will be posted here and sent via email.
You must have either a Safeword token or Mobile Pass (access code via phone text) to access the new portal address.
If you need a token, Mobile Pass, or have any other type of token, please contact Charlye Thomas at ThomasC4@sutterhealth.org.

Why we're doing this: To enhance stability and security, Alta Bates Summit is upgrading portal access to align with the rest of Sutter Health.
In addition, this change will reduce costs for the medical center.
Going forward, support and security will be centrally managed.


This webpage requires that JavaScript be enabled.

Please turn on JavaScript in your browser's "preferences" and then "refresh" or "reload" this page. While you are at it, please ensure that Java applet support is also enabled.

Perhaps your browser is old and cannot support JavaScript or Java applets. If so, please choose a newer browser: Firefox or Internet Explorer

Java ICA Client (use default page zoom: 100% zoom setting):

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Win32 ICA Client (requires installation: WinXP Click here to install the Windows XP ICA client Win7 Click here to install the Windows 7 (or Vista) ICA client )

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Select your preferred options and push the "Process request..." button. The Citrix ICA session window will open.

If you have selected the Java ICA Client, this may take some time, depending on your link speed. First time users may receive a pop-up window. Check on the "Always trust content from Citrix Systems, Inc." box and then click on "Yes". Also select "Click to connect" if prompted...

The next screen you will see is the Windows® login screen. Use your normal login ID and password here.

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